About Raya's

Our Mission

To help provide fresh, premium coffee beans to Individuals and Small to Medium size businesses. 


Raya's passion for coffee started off when he worked in a major Coffee Shop retailer whilst growing up in the city of London. He was quick to realise that although working for a reputable chain, the coffee served at times would have compromised taste due to the large order quantities made to fulfil demand. 

With a genuine care for coffee lovers, Raya has worked hard to launch Raya's Coffee, which ensures that Individuals and Small Business owners receive only the freshest possible coffee, with the aim of never compromising on taste. 

Once an order is placed, we'll roast your coffee and get it to your door within a couple of days. The smell of the beans or blend will come through as soon as you open the bag, inspiring you to make that perfect cup of coffee.

We collaborate with the owners and operators of independent cafes to offer coffees of uncompromising quality and to develop forward thinking approaches to café culture.

Coffee by Raya's Coffee.